Welcome!  As I type out this first blog post, I'm reflecting on the journey its been to bring this website to life.  Its always been in the background as the next step in our business, but the whole process was so daunting and up until a few years ago, the option to integrate our point of sale program and a website wasn't available!  The push came when COVID hit in March 2020.  My first thought was that if life was going to come to a grinding halt, then this was the time to start the new website - so on this journey we began.  Little did we know that the camping and outdoor industry was about to become incredibly busy and "all that time" we were going to have to work on the website disappeared!  Hence why 18 months later I am only now sitting down to write the first blog to go with our website that is ready to go live......and secretly thinking of all the reasons its not ready because I'm actually petrified of this moment!  Thinking of all the what ifs!

Behind the scenes its been an enormous task, so many curve balls, mistakes made, things redone over and over, but I couldn't have done it with my internal support team - our wonderful staff Jarrod, Sarah and Kirra - and our website support team at Tower Systems - especially Matt who has been incredibly helpful and patient with me - all who have tirelessly helped to bring the website to life.  Its not completely perfect, there are images to fix up, more stock to put up......and guess what?  Another website to build!  Yes, thats right!  Two months ago, I decided to shut down our old Dalby Pools and Spas website and start the process of rebuilding a new website on a shopify platform so that it was also integrated with our point of sale system......but its far from ready to go live yet!

As you navigate our site, you will see that not all our stock is available to purchase online and this is due to a few reasons:

  • Due to the infancy of our website we are not able to negotiate competitive freight rates.  FREIGHT IS EXPENSIVE! So at this time we only offer products for purchase online that can fit into a 5kg Australia Post Satchel or Box. Until we can provide some history of how many packages we are sending.
  • Knives, archery, slingshot and ammo cannot be sold on a shopify website - so these products unfortunately cannot be purchased online or via collect and collect.  You will need to shop instore for these products.
  • Yeti products can only be available click and collect - Yeti rules.

If you have read this far - thank you!  We hope you enjoy our website - whether you are a local just putting a shopping list together to shop instore or a customer from a far - we look forward to helping you.

Happy travels, Steve and Al



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