This B.E.S.T. Inline, model 322H (H is for on the Hose, which comes with a standard plastic hose connection), is DIY Installation - it connects to your drinking water/filling hose in less than a minute.

This Inline is dual purpose - it can be used on your hose to fill your tanks and also when you are connected directly to mains water!

Reversible - if the flow reduces, simply reverse the unit, hook it back up and flush the dirt away.
Compact- stores away with your hose.
Removes Taste and Odour- Removes chemicals for approx. 5000 L - great tasting water.
Kills Bacteria - Uses a full bed of SilverSafe Silver coated crystals to kill harmful bacteria.
Stops Parasites - Prevents Giardia, cryptosporidium from entering your drinking water.
No set replacement times - Safe even after periods of non-use. No need to refrigerate. Replace your Inline only when it is used up.
Sealed - no cartridges to replace
Produces great tasting water for longer than domestic units - "...its the SilverSafe that sets B.E.S.T. apart from the rest!" (Caravan and Motorhome magazine)

Dimensions (without packaging): 30cm x 9cm x 9cm
Connection: 3/4" bsp female threads fitted with Plastic 12mm garden hose 'click' connector.
Micron Rating: The B.E.S.T. Inlines have dual membranes on each end - a 5 micron, followed by a 1 micron.
Flow Rate: 0 - 15 Litres per minute (dependant upon incoming pressure)
(TIP - The slower water flows through all water filters, the better the contaminant removal will be. If you've got the time, do a slow fill of your tanks.)
Max Pressure: Complies with Australian Standards - Holds 2100 kPa over a 15 minute period
Min. Pump Pressure Required: Min. 35 psi or higher
Min. / Max. Temperature: 1°C to 40°C
The carbon is rated to treat a minimum of 5,000 Litres of chlorinated water. (This is rated on chlorine being added at the maximum allowable level in town water supplies.)

Please Note - Don't confuse these with a silver impregnated carbon system designed for the domestic market. Although silver impregnated is marketed in the RV industry, they will still breed bacteria. ONLY B.E.S.T. has the SilverSafe.