The New compact and lightweight Garmin Tri-Tronics Sport PRO Dog training collar is simple, intuitive and so easy to use in 1 hand, you don’t even have to look at the transmitter to operate. This Garmin Sport Pro Trainer allows you to train up to 3 dogs in up to 1200 metres range. Quick turn dial gives positive clicks when changing between 10 stimulation levels output. The Sport Pro has built-in BarkLimiter feature which can be activated from the transmitter or the collar independently. This remote dog training system is perfect for mid range medium to large size dog training.

Rugged, Ergonomic Design
The Sport PRO dog training system is easy to operate with 1 hand, so you can keep your eyes on your dog at all times, even while switching between stimulation levels and different dogs. The quick stimulation dial at the top of the handheld provides positive clicks when changing between 1 to 10 stimulation levels, tones and other auxiliary functions, allowing intuitive operation. The multi-dog toggle switch and color-coded buttons comfortably line up in your hand for fingertip control.

Multiple Training Methods
Choose from 10 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation or a tone and vibration setting for up to 3 dogs (with purchasing extra dog collars). You can operate the LED beacon lights to help locate dogs in low-light conditions.

Built-in BarkLimiter with Settable Levels
Sport PRO features a built-in BarkLimiter with settable levels. You set the level and increase it as needed, adjusting the correction to the optimum level needed to stop each dog’s unwanted barking. There are two ways to activate the barklimiter feature of the collar. It can be enable remotely from transmitter or activated from the collar directly. When the barklimiter mode is activated from the collar directly, the collar works independently by itself which means the transmitter won't be able to control the collar. The collar needs to be turned off and on to work with the transmitter again.

Bark Control Collar Features:
Remote operated BarkLimiter mode (activated from Transmitter)
Manually adjustable levels of output
Auto-rise stimulation levels
Vibration only
Independent Barklimiter Mode (enable from Collar)
Bark Odometer to count how often the dog barks
Auto-rise mode: automatic, self-adjusting levels of correction

Suits medium to large stubborn working dogs and hunting dogs
10 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation
Non stimulation vibration, tone and beacon lights
Up to 1200 metres range
Waterproof (IPX 7) & Rechargeable Handheld
Waterproof (1 ATM) & Rechargeable Collar - Dog Device
Expandable system can control up to 3 dogs (with purchasing extra collar - PT10)
Transmitter with colour coded switch to match with collar colours to help identify
Battery life indicator on Transmitter and Receiver so you know when to charge the system
Built in Barklimiter Bark control collar
1 Year Warranty