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A lubricant which lubricates and protects plastic and rubber parts. It is specially developed for use on toilet seals and absolutely safe for plastic (unlike most generic silicone based spray lubricants)

Protects, lubricates, ensures pliability
For periodical care and maintenance
Specially developed for safe lubricating of (Thetford) toilet parts
Absolutely safe for plastics
Can also be used on door seals ,locks ,hinges, awning rails and bicycles.

Volume: 200ml
Colour: Transparent
Product Uses: Door seals ,locks & hinges, Awning rails, Bicycles
Way to Use: Ensure that area to be lubricated has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. Shake before use and apply a light film. Use regularly for assured maintenance and care.
Shelf Life: 3 Years from date of production. Please note: The date’, printed on the bottom of the can, is the recommended best before date of the product which is 3 years from production but product may still be used after this this date but there may be a reduction in performance.